Shipping and return policies for INFRACom!

Shipping Info

1-10 Records = € 5,50 versichert Hermes Versand

Europe & World (unregistered) Delivered as Letter within EU & World
Double 12 Inch (2x12) counts as 2 Records
1 Record = € 4,70
2 Records = € 8,00
each additional Vinyl in Europe + € 2,00 / World + € 8,00


1 CD = € 2,80
jede weitere CD + € 1,00

Europe (unregistered), delivered as Letter
1 CD = € 4,00
each additional CD + € 1,00

World (unregistered), delivered as Letter
1 CD = € 5,00
each additional CD + € 2,00

Return Policy
Uninsured shipping is at your own risk. If you wish registered shipping please ask as the prices can change depending of the country.

Revocation Right
The revocation right shall only apply to private customers. Such customers can revoke the order within 14 days of receipt pursuant to § 312 d german civil code (bgb). The period for revocation begins the day after delivery of the items and receipt of the notice of his revocation right. Compliance with the period of revocation only requires timely dispatch of the revocation notice or return of the items. Revocationnotices and returns shall solely be made to: INFRACom!, Jan Hagenkoetter, Eckenheimerlandstr. 156, 60318 Frankfurt, Germany - or via email to:

Governing law shall be the law of Germany with exclusion of the un-law on contracts for the international sale of goods (cisg). This does also apply to orders made from abroad or if the items are sent abroad. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance shall be Frankfurt, Germany to the extent permitted by law.
Should any of the clauses hereunder be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses or parts thereof.

Last update: February 2017