Shipping and return policies for INFRACom!

Shipping Info

The package is insured as long as you (buyer) do not open it ! If the package arrives destroyed, bend, wet or otherwise defected, IMPORTANT: please do not open it! Deny the receipt, and let it send back to sender. In case you open the package the insurance is invalid. It is usual with all and every international packages (doesn’t matter if computers, technical gear, or records), it is simply because a customer could exchange items or treat items wrong, for example let a record fall down and broken it which is a matter of customers personal insurance and not of packages delivery insurance.

Shipping Info:
We do registered and insured shipping only, except for CD´s within Germany. Please read the insurance policy above.

Shipping partner are Deutsche Post AG, DHL or in Germany: Hermes.
Deliveries of orders in EU over 2000 gramm will be delivered as registered post deliveries /packages. (Registration according the conditions and guidelines of our shipping partner(s) Deliveries to Non-EU countries may be subject to local customs regulations. Any additional charges shall be borne by the purchaser (buyer).

The goods shall be delivered to the address provided by you on Bandcamp (if different address on PayPal info, then i ship to the address as stated in Bandcamp !) We reserves the right to choose the method of transportation as well as possible part deliveries, if such action does not unreasonably affect the customer. In case the customer stated an incorrect, incomplete or imprecise delivery address, the customer alone shall bear all additional costs arising therefrom.


1x Vinyl Schallplatte (Doppel LP´s zählen als eine Schallplatte) = € 6.- versichert Hermes Versand.
Jede weitere Vinyl kostet € 1.- mehr im Versand.

EU / European Community registered and insured:
1x vinyl (LP/12"7") /item € 8.-
2x vinyl (DLP) /item € 11 .-

Rest of the World (incl Switzerland) registered and insured:
1x vinyl (LP/12"7")/item € 8.-
2x vinyl (DLP)/item € 11.-


1 CD = € 3.- Deutsche Post unversichert und ohne Tracking
Jede weitere CD kostet € 1.- mehr im Versand.

EU / European Community registered and insured:
1 CD € 6.-
€ 1.- Euro more per additional CD item.

Rest of the World registered and insured:
1 CD € 6.-
€ 1.- Euro more per additional CD item.
Return Policy
Revocation Right
The revocation right shall only apply to private customers. Such customers can revoke the order within 14 days of receipt pursuant to § 312 d german civil code (bgb). The period for revocation begins the day after delivery of the items and receipt of the notice of his revocation right. Compliance with the period of revocation only requires timely dispatch of the revocation notice or return of the items. Revocation notices and returns shall solely be made to: INFRACom!, Jan Hagenkoetter, Eckenheimerlandstr. 156, 60318 Frankfurt, Germany - or via email to:

Pursuant to the applicable law excluded from revocation shall be in particular:

(a) delivery of items produced specifically according to customer's specification or unambiguously tailor-made to match his personal requirements.

Data protection
Personal data required for business transaction (usage data) shall be provided by the customer. INFRACom!/Jan Hagenkoetter will use, store and process the personal data in compliance with the german data provisions.
The usage data shall be solely used for the business transaction between INFRACom!/Jan Hagenkoetter and the customer. The usage data contains in particular the characteristics identifying the customer as a user, information about the beginning and the end as well as the scope of the usage etc. INFRACom!/Jan Hagenkoetter shall be entitled to use the usage data for advertisement, market research or its own purposes (e.g. Optimising the website, etc.). The customer shall be entitled to object this use of his usage data by notifying INFRACom!/Jan Hagenkoetter through email or in writing.

Governing law shall be the law of Germany with exclusion of the un-law on contracts for the international sale of goods (cisg). This does also apply to orders made from abroad or if the items are sent abroad. Place of jurisdiction and place of performance shall be Frankfurt, Germany to the extent permitted by law.
Should any of the clauses hereunder be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses or parts thereof.

Last update: October 2020